Should I buy coffee online

A lot of people have moved to buying coffee online. This trend is occurring for several reasons. Coffee is not treated like a typical agricultural commodities that are consumed. Look at Bananas, Oranges and other commodities that are picked and ate fresh. This includes products that come from other countries such as avocados and more from Mexico. 

Coffee is no different it should be consumed as soon as possible after roasting. In addition to wanting to roast it within the green holding times. However coffee is processed, shipped green where it will often sit for months in its green state and once its roasted packaged where it will sit for another 12-18 months. Making consumers consume a product that is often not fresh or nearly as good as it could be.

It is because of this reason that consumers began to seek out a alternative means for purchasing coffee. When purchasing from roasting companies like Sally Sue’s they can can purchase coffee that is freshly roasted and mailed out the same day it is processed. Allowing for the degassing to occur in the mail which gives consumers a truly fresh product like from the country of origin.

Ordering online also allows consumers to buy what is in in stock, you can also look at coffee calendar to get an idea how fresh a crop will be. When looking at online orders look for batch roasting and items made to order not just products that are listed.