Why drink organic coffee?

Why drink organic coffee?


We’ll start with a fact: Organic Coffee is simply better. It tastes better. It’s better for the consumer, better for the environment, better for the growers, and better for the earth. The question is “why?”, so let’s see what sets organic coffee apart.

One of the founding principles of Sally Sue’s Coffee was to provide the best quality coffee at fair prices, and to do it sustainable. Those principles led us to purchase only organically-produced coffees.

“Sustainably” is one of the key words there, because as humans, as coffee drinkers, as responsible consumers and business owners and inhabitants of the earth, we have a duty to ensure that we are doing our part to leave the earth as healthy (or healthier) for our children as it was left to us.

Certified organic coffee means that a coffee was grown and produced and harvested and packaged without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. This means no chemical residues in your morning cup of joe.

Nearly all of the beans produced by major consumer coffee companies have been treated and re-treated with chemical pesticides and fertilizers – as well as chemical preservatives during packaging – compounds of which find their way onto the beans and, eventually, into the mug of the consumer. This affects the flavor and could pose unknown long-term health effects.

Organic coffee simply tastes better. It is pure, unadulterated coffee. Coffee as it is intended to be.

Organic coffee is more complicated to produce. By using only natural, chemical-free farming practices, the yields are smaller and the standards are higher. Those higher standards of quality and production make for higher quality coffee. Better taste, more consistency, no harmful chemical by-products.

That speaks nothing of the negative environmental impact of non-organically produced coffee. The local ecosystem – wildlife, food chains, water systems, plant life – suffer irreparable damage from the treatment. These chemicals run off into streams and lakes and rivers. They decimate important local animal and plant life.

Mass farming practices have, in some ways, been a sign of our times. Long-term environmental damage for short-term efficiency gains.

Certified organic coffee production steps away from that short-sighted view. It creates standards by which producers need to operate. No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. No genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Simply. Coffee.

That is what you’ll find in all of Sally Sue’s coffees – responsibly produced, Certified Organic, Fair Trade coffees.

Good for the Earth. Good for the consumer. Good for the soul.

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