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We are proud of our roastery and the great organic coffee we produce. We ensure all of our coffee is organic thus leaving our product free of pesticides. We also ensure that we only use fair trade or direct trade coffee beans as everyone needs to be and deserves to be paid for what they do. Lastly, we sample all our products from each batch to ensure are products are great tasting and properly roasted and meet our expectations.
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the fundamentals of coffee Brewing


Several great coffee makers are on the market. Ranging from k-cup machine to pour over coffee devices. One of our favorite pour over coffee devices is made by Chemex. Chemex is a coffee maker consists of an hourglass-shaped glass flask with a conical funnel-like neck, so brewing coffee have

Chemex is a coffee maker that consists of an hourglass-shaped glass flask with a conical funnel-like neck, so when brewing coffee it takes on those rich natural flavors.

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French Press

The modern French press consists of a narrow cylindrical beaker, equipped with lid and plunger that fits tightly in the cylinder.

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Strong Coffee VS Dark Coffee

Strong Coffee VS Dark Coffee

One of the most common misconceptions in the coffee world is the difference between strong coffee and dark coffee. So often, we receive a request for stronger coffee and I ask them if they mean darker or stronger coffee at first. When I first started off roasting, I had someone say they wanted...

Why drink organic coffee?

Why drink organic coffee?

WHY DRINK ORGANIC COFFEE? We’ll start with a fact: Organic Coffee is simply better. It tastes better. It’s better for the consumer, better for the environment, better for the growers, and better for the earth. The question is “why?”, so let’s see what sets organic coffee apart. One of the...



Here at Sally Sue’s Coffee, we believe firmly in purchasing and roasting only organic and Fair Trade Coffee. “Fair Trade Coffee” is a term that nearly every coffee consumer has heard at some point or another. It is proudly announced on packages and cans of coffee, in radio and television ads, on...

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