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We are not going to make any claims that our cognitive coffee is going to help you solve the millennium prize problems however; we our going to guarantee an excellent cup of coffee. If you do solve them while drinking a cup of Sally Sue’s don’t forget your friends over here when you win that cool million dollars. Who said math is not cool? We know it was not us. Our cognitive coffee features a high altitude 2,000 masl or (meters above sea level) organic, fair trade coffee bean. Combined with MCT oil powder a healthy fat which if often used in fasting and in conjunction on keto diets. Which has been shown in many studies to have positive health benefits and extend the life of the caffeine. If this was not enough, we then add organic non-GMO cacao also known as the good part of chocolate before the sugar is added. It is this ingredient that all the positive health benefits of chocolate are linked to. It contains the feel-good chemical known as theobromine.

We could write an entire page (which many have) on the benefits of theobromine in advanced research studies. Again, we are not going to make anything health claims saying It is an excellent antioxidant or helps improve brain function. Instead we just found that when the three ingredients our combined it makes for an excellent tasting cup of coffee.

A mildly acidic coffee with a good kick of caffeine mixed with a sweetness from the MCT and a little bite from the cacao.

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