Why buy organic coffee?

Why buy organic coffee you may ask? With the change in growers behavior and a need to produce greater and greater quantity’s  of products farmers are turning to chemicals for assistance. The importance of buying organic products has increased in recent years with this and has the demand with the rise of consumer education. 

There are certain plants that are grown that are more susceptible to pesticides and chemicals leaching into them. This is why they create the dirty dozen list which is a list of 12 products that should always be bought organic. Which includes the following items below. 

Sweet bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Snap peas (imported)
Hot peppers
Kale and collard greens


Coffee didn’t make the list as it not as susceptible as those listed however it should be listed. One of the main reasons being that no coffee other than Kona is produced in the USA. The vast majority of coffee comes from developing nations who have very lax or non-existent environmental protection agencies. Therefore banned and limited chemical testing of agriculture exist in most of these countries where coffee is produced. Think about how the fruit of the plant absorbs the water in it as an example watermelon is almost all water. That water comes from the soil and if that soil is laced with pesticides you are now ingesting those chemicals into your body. 

These are some of the many reasons why you should buy organic coffee and why have it as one of our core values. In addition to thinking about the long term affects of adding all of these chemicals to the soil and pulling that amount of nutrients from the soil.