Social responsible coffee

What is social responsible coffee company? The term is thrown around a lot and I think its important to understand what this truly means. In our opinion to truly be a social responsible company first all the products should be organic which eliminated chemicals going into the soil in addition to our bodies. 

Next the product should be fair trade or direct trade paying a premium for the raw product. In addition I believe that companies should also help support the infrastructure of those companies. 

This should not be limited to just the producers it should also count for the local community. The company should be engaged in helping develop the local community and offering ways to give back and keeping as many items local as possible. Companies such as B-Corp create a certification criteria for this which Sally Sue's is actively seeking. 

 Companies should also develop a education programs to try and help drive market/industry change. 

As a company Sally Sue's always keeps being a social responsible coffee company at the forefront of all we do as we believe our grandchildren deserve to experience the same great cup of coffee we did.