Can my child drink coffee

The single most asked question we get with owning a coffee roasting company and cafe is can my kid drink coffee?  Followed by does coffee stunt my child's growth? 

This stems from a sizeable amount of misinformation around coffee and caffeine. When looking at coffee we have drank it it around the globe for centuries it is free of sugar and usually contains fairly paltry amounts of caffeine. This is especially true compared to sports drinks, sodas and energy drinks that our sold on the market.  

A lot of emerging research has shown the health benefits of coffee and they removed coffee from the prop 65 list. This is up to each parent independently to decide however I think they should view it with an open mind. We allow our child caffeine and have seen no adverse affects. 

We also have included an article from John Hopkins which touches bases on does coffee stunt child's growth.

 So in short we typically advise parents to do some research on the topic and talk to thier doctors around this. Our physican said coffee is a healthy alternative to soda and energy drinks. However; its not for everyone as each persons health and medical history is different. We hope this helps answer some questions.