Welcome to Sally Sue’s wholesale organic coffee supply page.

Are you looking for a place to purchase wholesale coffee? Well, we at Sally Sue’s were able to find and get a hold of high-quality organic, fair trade coffee beans for our coffee shop which now we can supply them to those who are looking for the same thing we were. Our business was founded on the need to find organic coffee for our shop and our personal use. The problem was locating a supplier. Finding someone who was not charging an insane price per pound. Finally finding a way to buy less than 79k bags at a time. Since we realized all these barriers when entering the market we built a business around being on of the top suppliers of wholesale organic coffee. We offer a variety of roast and bean origins at a marginal discount compared to our competitors.
We can handle your business needs from 20lbs to 200lbs of coffee per month and each roast will be made to order fresh for your organization. We want to put the quality back in coffee to many of our competitors are simply burning their beans labeling it dark roast as a cost saving measure. We set the bar higher and want you to love our coffee as much as we do.
Are you looking at opening a coffee shop? Do you have an existing coffee shop, restaurant or catering business? Would you like to provide high-quality, organic, fair trade coffee for your employees? If so we are the place to contact.

Sally Sue’s can help you today. We offer a large variety of wholesale coffee options for business owners. We offer wholesale k-cup options as well for businesses.

We would love to be able to supply to your business(s).

Contact us today if you have any further questions or need some help.